Todd Hagopian For Bixby School Board!
Let's turn Bixby Public Schools into a ''Destination District''

Todd’s Platform consists of 3 planks:

  • Keep our kids safe
  • Prepare our kids for real life
  • Spend your tax dollars efficiently and protect your property values

Tulsa is growing rapidly, new people are moving to the metro area, business is booming.  Bixby is already considered to be one of the best school districts in the area.  What could be better?

What if Bixby was considered THE DESTINATION DISTRICT in the entire Tulsa region?

I am running for the school board because I have the experience necessary to diagnose problems, develop strategies/solutions, sell those solutions to key stakeholders, and then help to implement those solutions.  I have the business experience necessary to look at an $80 million budget and make tough decisions on how to most efficiently, and effectively, accomplish the goals that have been laid out.

You will have plenty of choices in this election.  Some of those choices will be between folks who have been involved in the education system for years.  If you think the current district is exactly where it needs to be, then one of these folks will be the best options for your vote. 

However, if you believe that it is time to take a fresh look at how your tax dollars are being spent, then I am offering a new perspective.  The only way to set ourselves apart from the other districts in the area is to challenge the status quo, smash orthodoxies, and do things differently. 

This campaign is about assuring that we keep our kids safe, better preparing our children for the future, and protecting your property values by recession-proofing Bixby by making the Bixby Public School system the DESTINATION DISTRICT in the Tulsa area.

Please honor me by voting for me in the Primary on February 11th!