Todd Hagopian For Tulsa County Assessor

Todd’s Platform consists of 3 planks

  1. I will lower every single citizen’s property taxes through a county-wide depreciation
  2. I will cut the Department’s budget by 20%, no longer aggressively fighting tax challenges
  3. I will never take a salary for as long as I hold the position


Are You Really Allowed To Lower Our Property Taxes?


The county assessor has long been looked at as a meaningless job.  They employ the state’s calculation on property value appreciation, fight tax challenges, and try to maximize revenue that goes to the county.  I will be doing the opposite. 

I will spend my first year scouring the IAAO standards, investigating legal methods of economic depreciation and evaluating the local conditions to make an ironclad argument for a county-wide depreciation in property values that will save every resident hundreds of dollars per year. 

THEN, that will force the county to either reevaluate their budget, spending less of YOUR hard-earned money, OR they can come to the citizens and ask for money, as they should have in the first place if they wanted to raise their budget, rather than stealing it through silent tax increases.


Why Do You Want To Shrink The Department By 20%?

Today, the Department spends an enormous amount of time using YOUR money to fight tax challenges against YOU!  In the future, we will not aggressively fight these challenges, and will lean much more towards hearing the arguments & choosing not to wage war on our own citizens.

On top of that, if I am asking all the other areas of Government to take a pay cut, through decreased property tax revenue, I think my department needs to lead by example.


Will You Really Take No Salary?

I have been blessed with an amazing career that has lead me to owning several of my own companies.  This gives me the flexibility to take on a role like this while getting paid out of the companies that I already have in my portfolio.  I don’t need your money, I just need your vote.