Todd Hagopian For Bixby School Board!
Let's turn Bixby Public Schools into a ''Destination District''

About Todd Hagopian

Liberty Activist, Successful Businessman

Candidate for Bixby School Board

Todd is a father of four young men, three of whom attend Bixby North Elementary.  Robert is a first grader in Ms. Joice’s class.  George is a Kindergartner in Ms. Stoll’s class.  Liam is in the special education program two times per week.  Then, there is little Samuel, who is not quite ready for school, but looks up forward to picking his big brothers up every afternoon.


Todd has spent most of the past 15 years turning around business units of Fortune 500 companies.  He has made a living out of being dropped into bad situations, diagnosing the problem, creating a strategy, then turning around the business.  


Todd’s mission is to turn Bixby into a “Destination District”, so that as Tulsa continues to grow, new citizens will want to come to Bixby for our premier education opportunities. This will help our children, and will also make Bixby recession-proof if the economy ever turns south.


Todd’s Platform to turn Bixby into a “Destination District” consists of 3 planks:

  • Keep our kids safe
  • Prepare our children for success in the real world
  • Spend your tax dollars efficiently & protect your property values


Todd is a disciple of the Pareto Principle.  He believes in identifying specific goals, and crafting strategies to pursue the 20% of possible actions that will result in 80% of the success.  By developing extreme focus on simple goals, he has found that he can get extraordinary results while spending less time, effort, and money to achieve them.

The key to developing a “Destination District” is THINK about education differently than we have in the past.  We must look at all of the orthodoxies, which everyone believes to be true, and begin to smash them.  As we tear apart each orthodoxy, we will find nuggets of opportunity.  How we decide to use those opportunities to ACT differently will determine our success in the future.

Keep our kids safe, prepare our children better & spend wisely to protect your investment