Todd Hagopian For Corporation Commission

About Todd Hagopian

Liberty Activist, Successful Businessman

Candidate for Corporation Commission

Todd is a husband, and a father of four young men first.  Second, he is a Libertarian Activist who fights every day for civil rights for all people.  Third, he is a candidate in the 2020 Corporation Commission election in Oklahoma. 


Todd has spent most of the past 15 years turning around business units of Fortune 500 companies.  He has made a living out of being dropped into bad situations, diagnosing the problem, creating a strategy, then turning around the business.  


Todd’s mission is to help Oklahoma emerge from the COVID crisis with urgency, focusing on cutting red tape, increasing job opportunities, and ending the duopoly in our political system.


Todd’s Platform to “Legalize Success” consists of 3 planks:

  • Cut red tape & eliminate unnecessary red tape!
  • Eliminate corruption, and stop letting Government pick winners and losers!
  • Put Oklahoman’s back to work!


Todd is a disciple of the Pareto Principle.  He believes in identifying specific goals, and crafting strategies to pursue the 20% of possible actions that will result in 80% of the success.  By developing extreme focus on simple goals, he has found that he can get extraordinary results while spending less time, effort, and money to achieve them.


The key to “Legalizing Success” is to THINK about the necessity of what the commission does differently than we have in the past.  We must look at all of the orthodoxies, which everyone believes to be true, and then smash them.  As we tear apart each orthodoxy, we will find nuggets of opportunity.  I plan on attacking every issue that comes before the commission in 3 ways:


1)  Is this issue worth the taxpayer dollars that are being used to discuss and debate it?

2)  Which resolution of the issue allows for the smallest Government intervention possible? 

3)  How do we ensure our resolution will not “pick a winner” by favoring a group of companies?


Oklahomans trust this commission to make extremely important decisions about our economy.  For too long, this commission has acted under the guise of being a small-government, laissez-faire operations, when it has actually been picking winners and imposing job-killing regulations.


The time for this to stop is NOW.


Legalize success by cutting red tape, puttting Okies back to work & eliminating corruption