Todd Hagopian For Corporation Commission
Todd’s “Legalizing Success” Campaign Will Focus On These Three Issues


Campaign Issue #1:  Eliminate Red Tape & Cut Regulations

Any Government infringement on the Free Market inherently makes products more expensive for consumers.

Any time a company comes to the Government, requesting more regulations, we should be inherently skeptical as to why the company wants to further regulate their industry, knowing that it will mean higher costs for their customers.We need to cut the red tape, and eliminate unnecessary regulations, which will drive better prices into the market place, which means more jobs, and a better economy.



Campaign Issue #2:  Eliminate Corruption & Stop “Picking Winners!”

Too  Much TrafficThe Commission has a history of corruption, and while they have taken steps to combat it, the fact remains that these Commissioners are still some of the highest paid, most prominent politicians in Oklahoma.

In a state, like Oklahoma, who prides themselves on civil liberties, how is it that we accept that the folks who make MORE regulations are our most powerful politicians?

We need to eliminate corruption completely, and the easiest way to do that is to tear down the power that this commission holds over companies and industries.  Let businesses hire more people and compete with each other, rather than see who can lobby the commission the hardest before picking a winner


Campaign Issue #3:  Put Oklahomans Back To Work!


he number one job killer in this country is not greed, automation, or even a virus from China.

The number one job killer in this country is a hyperactive Government on steroids.

If elected, I promise to work to cut the size of the Corporation Commission in half.  For every job we eliminate on the Commission, we can create 1,000 jobs in the Oklahoma economy.

I will spend every day looking for ways to shrink the role of the commission, cut the red tape, and put more Oklahomans into good-paying jobs so that they can support their families.