Todd Hagopian For Bixby School Board!
Let's turn Bixby Public Schools into a ''Destination District''

Campaign Issues

This campaign is about focusing on the “80%” issues that are most important to all of us:

Campaign Issue #1:  Keep Our Kids Safe!

It is a sad reality that this must be one of the top priorities of any responsible school board in today’s world, but it is a reality

If elected, I promise to look hard at the budget to find areas where we are overspending so that we can cut those expenses and begin to devote more money towards school safety.

The one thing that we can all agree on is that keeping our children safe should be our top priority.  Bixby should have state of the art technology, and training, so that we can deter the likelihood of any violent incident.


In addition, Bixby needs to create a culture that encourages transparency among students, staff, parents, and other groups who come in contact with our children.  We must ensure that incidents get reported so that action can be taken immediately to remedy negative situations.


Campaign Issue #2:  Prepare Our Children For Success In Real Life

Too  Much TrafficGeneration Z is entering the workforce as one of the least-ready generations in recent memory.  Most kids have no job experience, no volunteer experience, and have spent more time in front of screens than they have preparing themselves for success after graduating high school.

Todd thinks that there must be many more real-world classes in the Bixby curriculum, beginning in elementary school, and continuing on through middle school.  Kids should be exposed to saving/investing contests/simulations in elementary school.  Children in the middle school should be exposed to poverty simulations, and volunteer organizations.  

Todd believes that we must look at dramatic changes for the last two years of high school, including things like boosting the amount of online classes available, having large lecture hall classes, implementing graduate assistance for credit programs, work-study programs, and boosting the number of mentorship-for-credit programs available.

By making just a few changes at each level of the Bixby Public School system, our children will be better prepared, and we can actually save quite a bit of money in the high school plan that can be reassigned to go towards accomplishing some of our other very important goals.

The federal government contributes only 4% of Bixby’s education budget, yet we currently run the school district just like every other school district in America, just like they want us too.  It is time for us to put the cirriculum back into the hands of the teachers, the parents, and the community so that we can get our students to go out in the real world and lead successful lives.


Campaign Issue #3:  Spend Efficiently & Protect Property Values

JaneAccording to a study, great school districts command a 49% premium in average house value versus the average school district in America.

Houses in great school districts are viewed online more than 25% more often than houses in average school districts.

Houses in great school districts sell faster than houses in average school districts.

Everyone pays property taxes, whether they have students in school or not, and we have to respect that investment.

Working on implementing the vision of becoming a "Destination District” will ensure that people moving to the Tulsa area will continue to come looking for Bixby houses, which will protect our property values, increase the number of students in the Bixby School District, and increase the funding of our District.  This will form a perpetual circle of affluence, which will help make Bixby recession proof, while also bringing new, successful, citizens into our already amazing city.

I recoginize that the school board is about the students, but I also want you to know that as a former bank manager, and current Business President, I understand what it means to have a fiduciary responsibility to my stakeholders.  I will work to make sure that every dollar that you give this school system is working as hard as possible to keep our kids safe, prepare them for a better future, and to protect your property values so that your family can be successful too.